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​About Us

 We're young: Amor Wedding brand was founded in 2019.


 We are proud: we are purely in love with weddings and uphold the principle of doing weddings 'differently' in Toronto.


We are dedicated: From our inception, we have served every couple with a standard of delivery and service that is well above industry standards.


We are not perfect: there are always various challenges in the rapid growth of our company, but we can confidently say that we have achieved 100% customer satisfaction!

About our Capabilities

All the key parts of the wedding including props, staff, artificial flowers, all in-house at Amor!  


Our director, Joe, has over 10 years of global wedding experience.  


We have our own excellent "craftsmen", to minimize the production costs of props.


We have the largest stock of artificial flowers in the entire Toronto market, and have the highest quality in the market, but also can be compared to the real flowers.


About our Obsessions

       We may have some obsessions with fresh flowers, but we are proud of the fact that we use a portion of faux flowers to help couples maximize the amount of flowers on their wedding site within their budget.

          Where we can control the use of real flowers within our cost budget, we generally do not use artificial flowers.


      A wedding can be a once in a lifetime experience, the site with some flowers fragrance and vitality, look a little better, right?



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