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Amor Wedding is a full-service wedding  decoration company,   specializes in high-end wedding decoration and execution of wedding services. We provide couples with a personalized professional service for a privileged experience, Amor’s management team has many years of wedding experience, team execution excellence and efficiency. We do not do vulgar copy of the backdrop, boring template process, only to create a personalized service for each couple's requirements. From wedding design, to wedding floral, to props rental, to wedding on-site decoration, dedicated to creating a wedding one-stop service.

多伦多Amor Wedding爱慕婚礼专注于从事高端婚礼策划执行的婚庆服务机构。我们为新人提供尊享体验的个性化专业服务,公司管理团队均拥有多年婚礼经验,团队执行力卓越高效。我们不做简单的道具堆砌、庸俗的复制化场景,无聊的模板化流程,只针对于每对新人的诉求打造私人订制服务。从婚礼设计,到婚礼花艺,到道具租赁,再到婚礼现场布置,致力于打造婚礼一条龙服务。

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