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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you wedding planners?

No we are not wedding planners. We are wedding designer, florist, decorator and constructor.  Our services include, full wedding design, floral and decor, as well as day of design execution.


However, we look forward to working with you and your planner to execute your dream wedding.   For those clients where a wedding planner provides complete design inspiration, we are happy to work with them to realize their vision and provide additional design assistance. However, if a planner is not involved, or if the planner does not provide design consultation, we are able to provide complete design as well as execution. 

Do you do all your flowers and props in house or source out?

We have a complete in-house team of floral as well as designers. All of the portfolio shown on our website are made by our own team. This includes flowers, faux flowers, foam sculptures, and any props you see, with the exception of tablecloths and furniture, but we would be happy to refer you to a vendor we have worked with frequently in the past.

Do I have to know my budget before coming in for an appointment?

 Yes, as this is very helpful information so that we can provide ideas and designs within your budget. We know that budgets can change at any time, and at the very least we need to know what couples expect of their wedding first and give reasonable budget suggestions.

Do you handle more than one event in a day?

Yes. We are able to execute multiple events on one day.

Do you have a minimum spend requirement?

Yes, our minimum spending requirement is $5000, however, if you cannot meet our minimum spend, no worries, we have a sub-brand -Amory floral, which do rental, classic floral, and faux flower wholesale. See the website below

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